The Hartman Initiative is rolling out our third year of programming with a new model. We believe that this model meets the most urgent needs of our nursing students. Although the Hartman Initiative Scholarship continues to offer financial reprieve to students enrolled at CCBC in the ADN program, our primary focus will be to provide medical and life mentors to help support students. We hope to support students in all aspects – academically, emotionally, and professionally – as they pursue their degree. Additionally, Professional Development Sessions and NCLEX Preparation Workshops provides opportunities to grow professionally and prepare for the rigors of their field. 

There is currently a shortage of trained nurses, both locally and nationally. As a result, well-trained nurses that have a good support system will be amazing resources for our communities. This is the need the Hartman Initiative seeks to fill through our program.

What We’ve Done

We proudly work alongside CCBC to provide support to their nursing students through mentorship and professional development. In the future, these areas will become ways our nursing students impact their communities. Not only do they receive these services, they learn the value of them and will then invest them into their community.

In today’s workplace culture, it’s impossible to understate the importance of networking. Therefore, a program offering multiple new community resources opens doors for students. We give students every opportunity to build connections with both their classmates and current nurses.

Next Steps For Our Local Program

In order to reach this goal, we’re in the process of recruiting both medical and life mentors for our program. All volunteer mentors will receive training that aligns with national standards to equip them for their role. This training aims to help future mentors provide effective support. Additionally, all mentees will be required to attend a similar onboarding to help ensure they understand the responsibilities and benefits of a mentoring relationship. 

If you are interested in being a valuable part of this team as either a Life or Medical Mentor or interested in learning more about ways to get involved with the Hartman Initiative, please reach out to or go to our contact page.


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