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The Hartman Initiative bridges the gap between education and nursing locally and education and the medical field internationally. We believe the best work is done through collaboration with on-the-ground experts by creating opportunities for individuals wanting to help others through careers in the medical field.

By getting to the root of issues and not just treating a symptom, we bring hope to those who want to change their life trajectory through pursuing an education.

The Problem

People seeking to enter local community college nursing programs and medical programs internationally face a variety of barriers to educational success.

These barriers are not just financial in nature, though that is one issue. Many students lack a support system to answer questions about the medical field, their classwork, or provide encouragement. They lack the tools they need to succeed. This results in men and women losing the opportunity to impact their communities through a medical degree.

Furthermore, many potential students are using a degree in nursing and medicine to propel themselves and their families out of poverty. If they lack the tools to succeed in the program, it prevents them from achieving their full potential and pushes them right back into poverty.

Our Solution

We bridge the gap to education by eliminating both financial barriers and barriers to career success. We do this through mentorship, professional development, test preparation, and financial scholarships.


Students in the Hartman Initiative programs, regardless of financial need, are matched with both a medical mentor and a life mentor who provide professional support and guidance, resources, encouragement, and wisdom during the academic year. Mentors regularly meet with and contact mentees to help them overcome any issues to educational success.


Furthermore, all students attend multiple professional development sessions and test prep sessions so they have the tools to succeed in all aspects of their education and future career.

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New Cohort Incoming

As we look ahead to this academic year, our local program team has begun the process of receiving applications for our 2021-2022 program participants. For our pilot program, we hope to accept 10 students for the fall portion of this year's cohort. Then, we will take a larger group for the spring semester. We have also started recruiting medical mentors and life mentors to pair with each of these program participants. Our program kickoff is slated for the end of August!

Hartman Initiative Program Participants 2020

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"Construction began on the clinic in December of 2020, providing jobs for many unemployed Dominicans. Today, the first and second floors have been completed. Once completed, the first floor will serve as a fully-functioning clinic. The second floor will contain two apartments for the full-time doctors on staff. In addition, the clinic will also house a lab that will test for cervical cancer among other things."

Continued construction on the Hartman Initiative clinic

International Updates

Our International Program Director, Pamela McFarland, visited the Dominican Republic to connect with our three students. She hand-delivered their introduction packets and answered their questions. She also looked over an apartment in Santo Domingo Daniela found for all three students to stay through the duration of their time in medical school. Daniela, Ana, and Joel start classes in September!

Pamela McFarland and Hartman Initiative Scholarship participant Ana

DR Clinic Updates

Construction on our medical clinic in the Dominican Republic continues! Despite the global shutdown due to Covid-19, our team and partners at Hope for Hispaniola managed to complete the exterior of the building. Work will continue on the interior as workers section off rooms. Construction is slated to conclude on January 31, 2022.

Hartman Initiative Medical Clinic in the Dominican Republic
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See Our Impact

"I found an entire support system that I didn't know I needed and I can't imagine getting through nursing school without it. My mentor was so kind and you could truly tell that she genuinely cared about me as well as my success in the program. Thank you just doesn't seem sufficient enough, but thank you so much!!"

"Not only has this scholarship helped financially, it also gave me a support system & networking resources along the way. My mentor was great! She was there for me in times of struggle- always knowing the right words to say. Not only do I look up to her as a mentor, but a life-long friend!"
"I am so thankful for all the encouragement and resources provided by [the Hartman Initiative] on top of the financial scholarship. All of the workshops were so helpful and full of useable content, but on top of that the events were so full of friendship, kindness, positivity, and encouragement. It was so helpful in keeping focused on the goal of graduation and beyond."

The Latest Updates from the Harman Initiative

Meeting between Pamela McFarland and Daniela

Hartman Initiative International Program Updates – July 2021

By Pamela McFarland | July 19, 2021

The Hartman Initiative’s international program in the Dominican Republic has expanded greatly since its inception in 2018. Our first student is entering her third year and we have two new students entering this year. Despite the challenges of Covid-19 on academics and international support, our students continue to persevere and demonstrate excellence.

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Scholarship Dinner

Hartman Initiative Local Updates – July 2021

By Christine Kroger | July 16, 2021

As we prepare for this year’s cohort, we’re excited to outline our new program model. In this new model, we emphasize mentorship as our first priority rather than limiting our program to only those with a financial need.

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The Effect of Volunteers

  • More students receive wisdom and guidance in navigating their education
  • Open channels of communication and learning across all aspects of the medical field
  • Create a community culture that lifts each other up to achieve their highest potential
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